Press Releases

December 2020

Wharf Walk - Whaling History - December 2020

November 2020

Wharf Walk -Abalone - November 2020

The Art and Science of Whale Song

Wharf Walks - December 2020

Sea Star Awards from MBNMSF

October 2020

Wharf 175th Birthday Photo Contest

Wharf Walk - Abalone History

June 2020

Whalefest Monterey Essay Contest

City of Monterey, FWA and Gathering for Women Team Up to Hand Out Masks on the Weekends

May 2020

Whalefest Monterey Fundraiser

February 2020

Wharf Walks - February 2020

January 2020

Super Bowl Fun on the Wharf

Wharf Walks March 2020

In the News

December 2020

Art and Science of Whale Song - John Ryan - MC Weekly

Christmas on the Wharf - Cedar Street Times

November 2020

KSBW - Dining on the Wharf

Photo Contest Results - Monterey Herald

Holiday Visitors - Herald

Facing Uncertainty with Curfew - Monterey Herald

Christmas on the Wharf - Bay City News

Holiday Guide - Carmel Pine Cone

Photo Contest - MC Weekly Now

Photo Contest - See Monterey

Christmas on the Wharf and Photo Contest - Carmel Pine Cone

All Things Gingerbread Photo Contest - Carmel Pine Cone

October 2020

Wharf Photo Contest - NBC LA/Bay Area/San Diego

Field Trips to Monterey - MCCVB

Wharf Photo Contest Blog

Wharf Story about Winter/Restaurants - KSBW

Wharf Birthday and More - Monterey Herald

September 2020

CEO World Magazine

Whale Watching - Monterey Herald

Sea Otter Awareness Week

Wharf Walks - KSBW Community Calendar

Wharf Photo Contest - Cedar Street Times

August 2020

Edible Monterey Bay - Whalefest Cooking Demo

Whalefest Cooking Demo - Carmel Pine Cone

July 2020

KION TV - Masks/Wharf

Wharf Walks - July 2020 - MC Weekly

KSBW - Restaurants to Close Indoor Dining

Whalefest Essay Contest - Monterey County Weekly

Staycation - Wharf Walks - Monterey Bay Whale Watch - Carmel Pine Cone

Whalefest Monterey Essay Contest - King City Rustler

King City Rustler - Essay Contest

KION TV Al Fresco Restaurant Row on the Wharf

Monterey Herald - Chris' Fishing Trips

KTVU Interview with Mary Alice Cerrito Fettis

Whalefest Monterey Cooking Demo

June 2020

Monterey 250

Whale Watching Resumes - Monterey Herald

KSBW - Monterey opens hotels, boats

KSBW - Monterey opens - 061320

KION TV - Mask Giveaway Mention

KSBW - Mask giveaway

Hospitality feature story - MC Weekly

Essay Contest - MC Weekly

KSBW TV - Essay Contest

KSBW - Essay Contest Rules on the Website

May 2020

Carousel Candies Reopens on the Wharf

KSBW - Restaurants Planning to Open

Wharf story about restaurants on KSBW

KSBW - Businesses reopening - Cafe Fina interview

Businesses Reopening - Monterey Herald

KSBW - Dine In

KSBW - Face Masks - Wharf

Tourism SF ABC

April 2020

KSBW - Old Fisherman's Grotto

Foundation Organizes Meal Drive

How to Spend a Day in Monterey

March 2020

St. Patrick's Day on the Wharf - Carmel Pine Cone

St. Patrick's Day on the Wharf - Monterey Herald

St. Patrick's Day on the Wharf - Weekly

St. Patrick's Day -Monterey Herald

Magic of Monterey - Via Magazine

Wharf Board of Directors

Monterey Restauranteurs Feed Their Furloughed Employees Daily

Shake Family Feeds Its Employees During COVID-19 Shelter in Place

February 2020

Wharf Walks - March 2020

Wharf Walks - March - Weekly

January 2020

Whalefest Monterey - Monterey Herald feature story

Voices of Monterey Bay - Whalefest

KION TV - Whalefest Monterey - Jan 25

Whalefest - Monterey Herald Photo

Super Bowl on the Wharf - KSMS TV

Whalefest - KSBW story

Whalefest - Herald Photo

Whalefest Monterey - NBC Los Angeles

Whalefest Herald Story page 1 of 2

Whalefest Monterey Herald page 2 of 2

Whalefest - Monterey County Weekly

Whalefest - Herald Feature Story

Travels with the Monterey Herald

KSBW TV - 49-er Super Bowl Champion Tim Harris Visit to the Wharf

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