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May 2020

Whalefest Monterey Fundraiser

February 2020

Wharf Walks - February 2020

January 2020

Super Bowl Fun on the Wharf

Wharf Walks March 2020

In the News

May 2020

Carousel Candies Reopens on the Wharf

KSBW - Restaurants Planning to Open

Wharf story about restaurants on KSBW

KSBW - Businesses reopening - Cafe Fina interview

Businesses Reopening - Monterey Herald

KSBW - Dine In

KSBW - Face Masks - Wharf

April 2020

KSBW - Old Fisherman's Grotto

Foundation Organizes Meal Drive

How to Spend a Day in Monterey

March 2020

St. Patrick's Day on the Wharf - Carmel Pine Cone

St. Patrick's Day on the Wharf - Monterey Herald

St. Patrick's Day on the Wharf - Weekly

St. Patrick's Day -Monterey Herald

Magic of Monterey - Via Magazine

Wharf Board of Directors

Monterey Restauranteurs Feed Their Furloughed Employees Daily

Shake Family Feeds Its Employees During COVID-19 Shelter in Place

February 2020

Wharf Walks - March 2020

Wharf Walks - March - Weekly

January 2020

Whalefest Monterey - Monterey Herald feature story

Voices of Monterey Bay - Whalefest

KION TV - Whalefest Monterey - Jan 25

Whalefest - Monterey Herald Photo

Super Bowl on the Wharf - KSMS TV

Whalefest - KSBW story

Whalefest - Herald Photo

Whalefest Monterey - NBC Los Angeles

Whalefest Herald Story page 1 of 2

Whalefest Monterey Herald page 2 of 2

Whalefest - Monterey County Weekly

Whalefest - Herald Feature Story

Travels with the Monterey Herald

KSBW TV - 49-er Super Bowl Champion Tim Harris Visit to the Wharf

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