Press Releases

December 2018

Christmas on the Wharf - 30 Second Ad

Christmas on the Wharf - Old Monterey

November 2018

Crab Season - 2018 - KION TV

9th Annual Whalefest Monterey - Updates November 2018

October 2018

Wharf Birthday - Monterey County Weekly

Wharf Birthday - KION TV

Wharf Birthday - KSBW TV

Celebration of Life for Jim Gilbert

Halloween on the Wharf - Carmel Pine Cone

Wharf Walk - Hippolyte Bouchard

Monterey Old Fisherman's Wharf and Big Little Lies

August 2018

Wharf Walks: Focus on the Fascinating Fishing History of the Monterey Bay

July 2018

Wharf Walks - August 4, 2018

Sweeney Todd - Wharf Theatre

June 2018

Call for Whalefest Monterey Marine-Oriented Participants

Plastic Straw Ban on the Wharf

May 2018

Salmon Stravaganza Celebration 2018

Memorial Day Holiday

April 2018

Wharf Walks Focus on Salmon

March 2018

Wharf Walks - Cedar Street Times

Wharf Walks Resume - April 2018

January 2018

8th Annual Whalefest Monterey

Wendy Brickman to become Executive Director of the Fisherman's Wharf Association

Peak Whaleness Happening Now- NBC Bay Area

In the News

December 2018

Christmas on the Wharf - Salinas Valley Weekly

Christmas on the Wharf - Salinas Valley Weekly article

Christmas on the Wharf - Monterey Herald RE

Christmas on the Wharf - KION TV

Big Little Lies - Marie Claire Magazine

Christmas on the Wharf - Monterey Herald - 12-13-18

Christmas on the Wharf - Monterey County Weekly - 12-13-18

Whalefest Monterey - NBC Bay Area

Christmas on the Wharf - Friday Facts

November 2018

Whalefest Monterey mention - See Monterey

Whale Watching and more - SF Chronicle

Christmas on the Wharf 2018 - Carmel Pine Cone

Waterfront Parking Lot

Christmas on the Wharf KSBW

Christmas on the Wharf - Monterey County Weekly

Christmas on the Wharf - Monterey Herald

October 2018

Wharf Walks

Wharf Birthday - Monterey County Herald

Wharf Birthday - Monterey Herald

Halloween on the Wharf - Monterey Herald

Halloween on the Wharf - Salinas Valley Weekly

September 2018

Lower Presidio Historic Park - Viscaino

Wharf Walks - Salinas Valley Weekly

Wharf Walks Monterey Herald

August 2018

Charter boats are finding valued vermilion in area

Smoking on the Wharf is Illegal Demo at the Wharf

Busy Summer - KSBW

Monterey Businesses Reporting Busiest Summer Yet - KSBW Text

July 2018

Sweeney Todd at the Wharf Theatre

June 2018

Whalefest Monterey 2019 Participants Sought

Paluca Trattoria in People Magazine

Monterey Herald - Plastic Straw Ban on Old Fisherman's Wharf #1

Cedar Street Times - Plastic Straw Ban

Edible Monterey Bay - Plastic Straw Ban on the Wharf

Watsonville Patch - Monterey Wharf Bans Plastic Straws

Big Little Lies - San Diego Magazine

Wharf Walks - Squid Fishing on the Monterey Bay

Plastic Straw Band Testimonials

May 2018

Top 5 Restaurants in Monterey - Scales

Thrilling Ocean Activities

April 2018

Salmon Opener

Killer Whales Season - Monterey Herald

Big Little Lies - Things to Do on the Central Coast

Travel Channel Mention

FWA Board of Directors

March 2018

San Francisco Chronicle

Things to Do in Monterey in 2 Days

How to do a Big Little Lies Inspired Trip to Monterey

Wharf Walks - Monterey Herald

February 2018

Summer Weather on the Wharf

January 2018

Cooking Demo with Tene Shake During Whalefest Monterey

Whalefest Monterey - Monterey County Weekly

Whale of a Time at Whalefest - Greenfield News

Whalefest - Register-Pajaronian - Watsonville

A Whale-load of activities at Whalefest - Monterey Herald

Wendy Brickman Appointed Executive Director of Fisherman's Wharf Association - Monterey Herald

Whalefest Monterey - KION TV

Whalefest Monterey -2018 - Monterey Herald

Whalefest Underway at Old Fisherman's Wharf - KION TV

Deeper Dive into Marine Sanctuary at Whalefest Monterey - KSBW

Things to Do in Monterey This Weekend

See Monterey Blog

2018 Whalefest Monterey Symposium Links

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